Board of Directors

Trees, Water & People's Board of Directors is comprised of a diverse group of individuals from a variety of backgrounds who all share a passion for the environment and community development. The combined talent and expertise of this group of independent voting members is a tremendous asset to the organization and we cannot thank our Board enough for all their hard work and dedication to our programs.

Stuart Conway, President
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Jamie Klein, Vice President
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Jeff Hargis, Secretary
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Tim Carney, Treasurer
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Jenny Bramhall, Member
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Kathryn Higgins, Member
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Scott Johnson, Member
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Marilyn Thayer, Member
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Paul Thayer, Member
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Jake Tornatzky, Member
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Jon Becker

Jon Becker, Board Secretary


Co-Owner (retired) of SolarGlass Window & Door

Jenny Bramhall

Jenny Bramhall, Board Member


Owner of Clothes Pony

Stuart Conway

Stuart Conway, Board President


Cofounder of Trees, Water & People

Tim Carney

Tim Carney, Board Treasurer


Natural Resource Specialist, USDA-NRCS

TWP’s mode of partnering with local communities to facilitate economic development and environmental improvement attracted Tim to be a long-time supporter and a Board member since spring 2013. He has over 35 years experience working in natural resources management and agriculture. Tim and his spouse Gretchen have two daughters and live in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Patrick Flynn

Patrick Flynn, Board Member


Sustainability Analyst, The Brendle Group

Jeff Hargis

Jeff Hargis, Board Secretary


R & D Engineering Section Manager (retired), Hewlett Packard

Jeff worked as an Electrical Engineer and R&D Manager at Hewlett Packard in Fort Collins, Colorado, for 25 years before retiring in 2012. He has a strong interest in applying technology toward the purpose of helping people and preserving the environment. Jeff is excited to be involved with TWP, which through its community-based development model is making significant contributions in these areas.

Kathryn Higgins

Kathryn Higgins, Board Member


Owner of Motherlove Herbal Company

Kathryn has been an herbalist for over 35 years. With her extensive knowledge she created Motherlove Herbal Company in 1990, which sells organic herbal products for pregnancy and breastfeeding throughout the world. In 2005 she founded the Nurturing Life Foundation, a nonprofit to promote breastfeeding and provide opportunities for disadvantaged children. Kathryn lives in Fort Collins, CO, along with her three daughters and four grandchildren.

Scott Johnson

Scott Johnson, Board Member


Family Doctor (Retired), Brush Family Medicine

Scott Johnson, became interested in TWP in a roundabout way. After working on medical projects in Guatemala and Haiti he saw many children with respiratory problems caused by cooking inside with wood and charcoal. later, while working with Re-Member on the Pine Ridge Reservation in 2010 he met Henry Red Cloud. Through Henry, he heard about TWP and was excited to find an organization in his backyard that was dedicated to sustainable development in Pine Ridge, Haiti, and Central America.

Scott and his wife Susan live in Loveland and have five children, three in Colorado, one in Boise, and one in Nashville. After 34 years of medical practice, Scott retired in May 2014.

Jamie Klein

Jamie Klein, Board Vice President


Judge (retired), Colorado District Court

Paul Thayer

Paul Thayer, Board Member


Associate Vice President for Student Success
Colorado State University

Paul Thayer joined the TWP Board in spring 2013, after long interest in and support for the work of the organization. In TWP, he discovered an organization that was uniquely committed to the earth, to partnership with communities, and to individuals’ quality of life. He has a long history of working with communities and individuals to support their aspirations and possibilities. He is employed as Associate Vice President for Student Success at Colorado State University, focusing on increasing student access to and success in higher education. Paul and his partner Marilyn live in Fort Collins and have two children. Together, they enjoy skiing, hiking, traveling, and wilderness canoing.

Marilyn Thayer

Marilyn Thayer, Board Member


Director, TRIO Student Support Services Academic Advancement Center
Colorado State University

The words of Mahatma Gandi, "Be the change you want to see in the world" continue to inspire Marilyn in her commitment to serving as a steward of our earth. Through her personal efforts, she does what she can to help protect our environment, and hopefully leave it in a safe and better place for our children and children’s children. As a long-time supporter of Trees, Water, & People, she values the opportunity to be able to support one of her passions – helping communities recognize and utilize their diverse assets, including assets in their environment, to foster healthy and fulfilling lives. Marilyn is the director of the TRIO Student Support Services / Academic Advancement Center at Colorado State University, which provides education and support services to assist students from first generation, low-income, and disability backgrounds reach their academic goals and graduate from college. In her free time, she enjoys spending time outdoors with her family throughout the year, including hiking, skiing, wilderness canoe camping, and traveling.

Jake Tornatzky

Jake Tornatzky, Board Member


Jake has 20 years of solar industry experience to contribute to TWP solar projects. He is focused on creative uses of technology to create sustainable communities.