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Tribal Renewable Energy

Henry Red Cloud worked with TWP to design a solar heating system that saves families up to 40 percent on their monthly utility bills. Trees, Water & People's Tribal Renewable Energy Program puts the power of nature ? the warmth of the sun, the power of the wind, the shelter of trees ? to work for Native Americans. All of our solar heating systems are built and installed by Lakota Solar Enterprises, one of the nation's first Native American-owned and operated renewable energy companies. Avery and Henry Red Cloud operate Lakota Solar Enterprises, one of the nation's first Native-owned and operated renewable energy companies. Our green job training program provides tribes from around the country with hands-on training in renewable energy applications from fellow Native Americans. Leo White Bear learned many important skills during his experience as a trainee at the Red Cloud Renewable Energy Center. Now, he is using this experience to start his own company called Off the Grid. Trainees worked with Henry Red Cloud and Solar Energy International to install a solar PV system on KILI radio station in Pine Ridge, SD. Olivia Sierra stands proud next to her new solar heating system, which will heat her home for free using the energy of the sun. Solar heating and sustainable housing give Native American families a better quality of life for many years to come. The Red Cloud Renewable Energy Center, located on the Pine Ridge Reservation, is the headquarters of the Tribal Renewable Energy Program. Our solar haters are sustainable, economically beneficial, environmentally friendly, and celebrate the Native Americans' respect for Mother Earth. Volunteers from around the country, and the world, have helped install solar furnaces for Native American families. Trainees have installed solar furnaces on Native American reservations around the country. Using renewable energy fits well with Native philosophies of caring for the earth and protecting the environment for future generations. Trainees at a solar PV workshop learn valuable skills that they can use to find green jobs. Kale Means receives his certificate for solar electric from Solar Energy International after completeing a training through the Red Cloud Renewable Energy Center. Strawbale housing with solar heating at the Red Cloud Renewable Energy Center in Pine Ridge, SD. Solar Warriors installing a solar heating system as part of a Solar Technician training at the Red Cloud Renewable Energy Center. A proud group of Solar Warriors! Emily White Man stands next to her new solar furnace on the Ute Mountain Ute Reservation in Towaoc, Colorado.