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Carbon Offsets

Trees, Water & People's carbon offsets not only offer an opportunity to reduce your environmental impact, but also decrease deforestation rates, improve the health of families, and support our efforts to protect and conserve natural resources.

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Find your individual or business' impact with our carbon footprint calculator >>

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Choose which of our projects you would like to support to offset your carbon:


Clean Cookstoves

Each of TWP's clean Justa cookstoves saves 1.65 tons of carbon emissions per year. Over the stove's minimum projected lifespan of five years, that equates to 8.25 tons of carbon.

Offset with Cookstoves:  


On average, one tree planted by TWP can sequester one ton of carbon over its lifetime. To account for natural mortality rates, we plant five trees per one ton offset. Trees are planted around homes and in protected areas as part of a community-led reforestation program.

Offset with Trees:  
solar furnace

Solar Air Furnaces

Every year, our solar furnaces prevent 1.39 tons of carbon emissions generated by fossil fuels. When you contribute to this form of renewable energy, you help not only our environment, but also struggling families by providing clean heat from the sun.

Solar Furnace Offsets:    

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Share your committment to the environment with the world!

Personal Offset Benefits

  • Paperless carbon offset certificate
  • A super cool Trees, Water & People carbon offset sticker with offsets of 5 tons or more.

Business Offset Benefits

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  • Paperless carbon offset certificate
  • Carbon offset partner logo to display on your website and marketing materials.
  • For offsets of 25 tons or more your company can become an official Corporate Partner.
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Still have questions about our program? For more information please call Molly Geppert, Marketing Manager, at (970) 484-3678 or email