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The country of Haiti has a rich history and vibrant culture, making it a unique place to work. Yet, Haiti faces many economic and natural resource management problems, which have been further compounded by the devastating 2010 earthquake, killing over 316,000 people and displacing another one million.

Trees, Water & People's presence in Haiti goes back to 2007, when we launched a community-based development program with our partner, Ananda Marga Universal Relief Team (AMURT), in the northwest part of the country. This program focused on tackling deforestation using a two-pronged approach: establishment of community tree nurseries to support reforestation and promotion of clean cookstoves to reduce the need for fuelwood and charcoal in daily cooking.

After the January 2010 earthquake, Trees, Water & People was able to raise significant funds to support relief efforts, donating $30,000 to AMURT for the construction of a child-friendly space and school in Port–au–Prince, and sending 1,776 clean cookstoves to the country for distribution.

Since the end of the emergency relief phase, TWP worked to develop a charcoal cookstove design, intended to be manufactured locally. This cookstove, the Zanmi Pye Bwa (Haitian Creole for "Friend of the Trees"), has fuel-use reductions on par with many of the imported stoves in Port–au–Prince, but can be produced at a lower cost with local labor and materials.

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A Haitian cookstove recipient is interviewed about her experience. A Haitian metal worker cuts out the doors for the Zanmi Pye Bwa. A Haitian tree nursery worker. View more photos of Haiti