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Over our 15 year history of working in Honduras, we have established clean cookstove, watershed protection, crop diversification, solar energy, and tree nursery projects that provide social, economic, and environmental benefits to communities.

After Hurricane Mitch ravaged Honduras in 1998, Trees, Water & People and the Asociación Hondureña para el Desarrollo (AHDESA) teamed up with the Aprovecho Research Center and Rotary International to work with a women's group in the town of Suyapa to adapt fuel-efficient combustion principles to traditional cooking habits.

The result was the clean-burning Justa cookstove, named after community leader Doña Justa Nuñez, who helped design the stove. The Justa clean cookstove uses 70% less fuel-wood while venting harmful gases and particulates from the kitchen and reducing deadly indoor air pollution by up to 90 percent. With funding from the 2005 Ashden Award, Honduras also became the site of emission studies, further proving how these clean cookstoves reduce carbon monoxide and particulate emissions inside the home.

In addition to our cookstove and reforestation efforts, Trees, Water & People, in conjunction with the Energy and Climate Partnership of the Americas (ECPA), sells solar energy products throughout Honduras. Products such as solar lights and solar phone chargers can provide rural, last mile communities with renewable and affordable energy sources.

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A Honduran couple watches as their new <em>Justa</em> cookstove is built. A woman makes tortillas on a <em>Justa</em> cookstove. Seedlings in a Honduran nursery. View more photos of Honduras