Tribal Lands

Pine Ridge Reservation


Oglala Lakota


Approx. 40,000


8,982 sq km


The Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota is home to our program partner, Henry Red Cloud, and our Tribal Renewable Energy Program headquarters. With Henry, Trees, Water & People founded Lakota Solar Enterprises and the Red Cloud Renewable Energy Center (RCREC). These two Lakota-owned organizations provide the manufacturing and green jobs training that form the base of our Tribal Renewable Energy Program.

At the RCREC, tribes from around the country come to receive hands-on training in renewable energy applications from fellow Native Americans. Visiting tribal members learn about the theory and practice of solar heating, ground source heating, cellulose insulation, wind energy, straw bale construction, and other sustainable building techniques. These newly trained "Renewable Energy Warriors" then return to their respective communities with the knowledge and skills needed to make an impact where they live.

Lakota Solar Enterprises on the Pine Ridge Reservation is one of the nation's first 100% Native American owned and operated renewable energy companies. Here Henry Red Cloud and TWP help to manufacture and install solar furnaces for Native Americans suffering through harsh winters. There furnaces can save a family 20-30% on their yearly heating costs as well as reduce the amount of carbon dioxide that enters the atmosphere from fossil fuels used in heating homes.

The Pine Ridge Reservation is one of the poorest communities in the Western Hemisphere, and families struggle on a daily basis to put food on the dinner table, purchase medicine, buy clothing, and heat their homes. Renewable energy and green job training brings hope to people that have suffered for too long. We are honored to work with the Oglala Lakota on some of the most sacred lands in America; together we are working to change the tribal energy approach!

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Henry Red Cloud stands next to the straw bale demonstration home at the Red Cloud Renewable Energy Center. Volunteers who helped build the straw bale demonstration home take a break for a picture. Trainees learn how to install a wind turbine at the Red Cloud Renewable Energy Center on the Pine Ridge Reservation. View more photos of Tribal Lands