Clean Cookstoves

The Justa Stove

A woman lights up her Justa cookstove.

The Justa cookstove creates more
efficient combustion, reducing
greenhouse gases and
indoor air pollution.

After Hurricane Mitch ravaged Honduras in 1998, Trees, Water & People and the Asociación Hondureña para el Desarrollo (AHDESA) teamed up with the Aprovecho Research Center and Rotary International to work with a women's group in the town of Suyapa to adapt fuel-efficient, clean cookstove combustion principles to traditional cooking habits. The result was the Justa cookstove, named after community leader Doña Justa Nuñez, who helped design the stove.

The Justa stove, is essentially an insulated masonry box built directly into beneficiaries' homes. The body of the stove may be constructed from brick or cinder block, and is insulated with wood ash or other locally available material. The stove is topped with a removable metal cooking surface, or plancha, and has a built-in chimney that vents harmful gases and particulates from the kitchen.

The key to the higher combustion rates and efficiency achieved by this stove is the "Rocket elbow." Testing has indicated that both the Justa and Ecostoves emit 60% less greenhouse gases and lower particulates and carbon monoxide pollution inside the kitchen by more than 80%.

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A family stands next to their new <em>Justa</em> cookstove. A woman stands next to the <em>Justa</em> cookstove she helped build. A woman stands next to the <em>Justa</em> cookstove she helped build. View more photos