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When you elect to become a monthly donor with Trees, Water & People, you are making an important commitment to the communities we serve and to the environment. This easy and efficient way of giving provides Trees, Water & People with a reliable income stream, allowing us to focus more on helping communities protect, conserve, and manage their precious natural resources. Plus, your monthly gift reduces our administrative costs so we can put even more of your donation to work for people and the planet.

Benefits of Becoming a Monthly Donor:

  • Save time and paper with an easy automatic monthly credit card donation.
  • Receive less mail.
  • Provide TWP with a reliable source of income while reducing our fundraising and administrative expenses.

How to Join the Evergreen Circle:

Click the Donate button in the upper right-hand corner, and select the monthly donation option. It's that easy! Plus, you have the ability to change the amount of your pledge at any time. For questions please call (970) 484-3678 or email us at gemara@treeswaterpeople.org. Thanks for your support!