Plant a Memorial Forest

Every year, we help families, businesses, individuals and schools plant Memorial Forests through our Reforestation Program in Central America and Haiti. Working with our reforestation partners, we will plant trees in areas that have been affected by deforestation. Year after year, you will have the opportunity to grow the forest, having a positive impact on local communities and the environment while celebrating loved ones.

Memorial Forests have been planted to:


  • Honor the memory of a loved one
  • Celebrate an anniversary or birthday
  • Honor your employees and volunteers

Cost: $1.00/tree (includes seed, materials, transport, and local labor)

Download a Memorial Forest brochure to share with your friends and family here.>>


If you are interested in starting a Memorial Forest please contact Molly Geppert at or by phone at (970) 484-3678.


Read about the Mike Ray Memorial Forest here. >>

Nicaraguan nursery workers cultivate seedlings in root trainers before they are planted by community members.