Julio Pineda planting trees.

2016 Financial Report


Public Support* $675,047
Corporate Support $62,025
Foundation Support $237,507
Fees for Services $14,000
Interest Income $6,196
Bequest Income $11,147
Unrealized Gain/Loss on Assets $8,714
Total Cash Revenues $1,014,636
Donated/Volunteer Services $131,841
Total $1,146,477
*includes individual giving, ecotours, and miscellaneous income


International Program $520,139
El Salvador $45,907
Guatemala $84,746
Haiti $10,930
Honduras $105,921
Nicaragua $272,635
National Program $237,686
Support Services $149,093
Fundraising $49,897
Total Cash Expenses $956,815
Donated/Volunteer Services $131,841
Total $1,088,656
Net Assets at End of Year $967,371

2016 Revenue

2016 Expenses

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Annual Report 2016

Thank you for making 2016 a great year. See what you helped accomplish.

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2016 Accomplishments

A special heartfelt thank you to all of our donors, supporters, partners, and volunteers that have provided their generous financial support, hard work, wisdom and advice that makes all of our projects possible!

All that we have accomplished is because of you!



tree seedlings of twenty varieties planted



tree nurseries stated in Honduras, Nicaragua, and El Salvador

pine tree


Ponderosa Pine seedlings planted on Lakota Tribal Lands in South Dakota



clean cookstoves installed in three indigenous communities of Guatemala

house with leave coming out of chimney


compressed earth block home built for a Lakota Family



solar air furnaces and a mobile solar power station delivered to the communities impacted by the Dakota Access Pipeline in Standing Rock, ND

man with shovel

Launched partnerships for farmer education programs in Honduras, Cuba, and Nicaragua

Guatemalan boy