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KILI Radio, in collaboration with Lakota Solar Enterprises (LSE), Trees, Water & People (TWP), and Thunder Valley Community Development Corporation, is expanding the station's energy independence by installing a 6kW ground mounted solar array. The installation will also serve as a hands-on training and educational demonstration project for local community members.


On February 28, 1983, on the ten year anniversary of the Wounded Knee Occupation, KILI Radio became the first independent, American Indian owned and operated radio station in the United States. For 34 years, KILI has presented tribal council meetings, health information, sporting events, wakes, congressional hearings, and a daily mix of news, cultural celebrations, and music in English as well as Lakota. KILI's broadcasts have enriched the local area and given citizens the opportunity for greater civic and community involvement.

Henry Red Cloud stands in front of Kili Radio after installing a solar array on the roof.

"A leader of the national Indian radio movement is now a leader in powering Indian radio with clean, renewable energy."

Bill Means, President of the KILI Board of Directors


KILI Radio is a 100,000-watt station on the air 20 hours a day, seven days a week. Like many independent stations, lack of sufficient funding is a huge issue. The electric bills average more than $2,000 a month.

From its inception, the vision for KILI was to power the station with clean renewable energy. At the time of its first broadcast, the movement to stop uranium mining in the Black Hills was at its height. The station knew it had to be more than the epicenter of communications, but also a model for a better future. Fortunately, the Pine Ridge Reservation has enough wind and solar energy for KILI Radio to become completely energy independent and even create excess electricity that can be returned to the grid.


More than ever, Lakota wisdom is needed to help protect Mother Earth.

Over the years, LSE and TWP have worked with the station to install more than 4 kilowatts of solar power on the roof, as well as a solar air furnace to help heat the building. The station also installed a 10kW wind turbine in December of 2016. The installation of a 6kW mounted solar array will move KILI Radio closer to its goal of energy independence.

Our installation of a 6kW solar array will also serve as a hands-on training and an educational demonstration project for community members. KILI Radio doesn’t just want to generate clean power, but to generate inspiration and a "can do" spirit that has helped the Lakota People survive for centuries.

Since KILI Radio is an independent station run by volunteers, we are asking for your support to achieve our goal of raising $6,000 to help cover the cost of the new solar array.

Donate today and together, we can build a local, living economy that promotes health and self-reliance in the 21st century!

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