Trees, Water & People Spring Newsletter 2020 

When you live on the margins of the global economy, there is no down time, no safety net, and no other way to make ends meet than through your daily hustle. Trees, Water & People’s partner communities are no exception, and thanks to your support, we are making moves to help keep them on their feet during this difficult time

At TWP, we know this time will be difficult for our partners, the communities they serve, and the struggling economies that people live in daily. But we also know that nature’s cycles don’t wait for anyone, natural resources are continually under threat, food is already scarce, and trees can only be planted twice per year

In our latest newsletter, you can read all about how our partners are currently addressing the most pressing needs locally, along with promising strategies to begin the next phase of recovery for climate-vulnerable communities across the Americas. We could never accomplish any of this without your help

Sebastian Africano
Executive Director - Trees, Water & People